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School Community

St Thomas Aquinas Primary School, Norlane, is the Catholic primary school in the parish of Norlane. The school was opened in 1954 with an initial enrolment of 100. The Sisters of Mercy commenced at the school at this time and the association ended around 2004.

St Thomas Aquinas strives to provide a safe and secure environment for our children and families. We offer a comprehensive Catholic education through offering rich experiences and opportunities that may not otherwise be accessible to our families. We are now seeing an increasing evangelisations within our school community.

The school is committed to providing the children of Norlane with the support they need and opportunities in learning, wellbeing and faith development to ensure that they are successful participants in society.

Play Links

Together with the Bluebird Foundation, our PlayLinks pre-school programme runs each Wednesday morning in the Hall. Further information is available from the school.

The North Children’s Choir

Some St Thomas Aquinas students are part of the North Children’s Choir.


St Thomas Aquinas School partners with Ardoch to provide a wide range of learning opportunities for our children. Ardoch helps support and train our volunteers.