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At St Thomas Aquinas Primary School, we believe that literacy provides the foundation for success in learning and life. We develop a passion for reading and writing by giving students rich opportunities to listen to texts, read, view, speak, write, create and reflect on a range of topics. Our school encourages students to become innovative text users and creators, engaging in a range of visual, print and multimodal texts. Students are encouraged to read independently in class and at home, increasing literacy learning and harmony in the classroom.

The Early Years of schooling is an important time for the development of basic literacy skills. Students from Foundation to Year Two focus on building and developing skills that enable students to learn to read and write. They decode texts with increasing accuracy, focusing on the meaning of the text and how it connects to the world around them. The students engage with a variety of genres in writing, developing a range of skills to construct texts for different audiences and purposes. They enjoy a wide range of literature, that allows them to develop enjoyment and further deepen their understanding of how texts are constructed.

The Middle Years of schooling is an important time to build the essential knowledge and skills in literacy. The students consolidate their ability to apply their literacy skills to read and write in other learning areas. As effective learners, the students at St Thomas Aquinas Primary School are confident and motivated to use their literacy skills broadly. Our students use their literacy skills and knowledge to understand, analyse, interpret and evaluate information; develop and express ideas and opinions, and interact and collaborate with others in literacy activities. Within the Years 3 to 6, the students are exposed to all aspects of English. This includes reading, writing, grammar, punctuation, spelling, handwriting, text genres, comprehension, and speaking & listening.

At St Thomas Aquinas Primary School, our approach to English aims to ensure that students are critical and capable learners. Our students have the ability to read, interpret, analyse and create texts, allowing them to become engaged, curious life-long learners and leaders.