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St. Thomas Aquinas

School Fees and Levies

Catholic Primary schools receive funding from both the Commonwealth and State Governments. This funding is used for employing staff, maintaining the school, learning programs and other activities that support your children, their wellbeing and learning. Whilst substantial, this funding does not cover the costs of all these activities. Consequently, St Thomas Aquinas Primary School requires parents to contribute to the costs of educating their children.

All Catholic Primary schools are required to charge school fees. St Thomas Aquinas School fees are amongst the lowest in Victoria. We aim to keep it that way but require all families to honour their commitment to pay fees.

We thank the families that do their best to keep this commitment.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and are finding it hard to pay school fees, please see me as soon as possible. We can make some arrangements to help you meet that commitment.

There are a number of ways to pay school fees, including through Centrepay and by direct debit. You are able to use a credit or debit card and pay in person at the office via EFTPOS. We prefer that fees are not settled by cash, however we will accept cash at the office.

Our 2022 School Fees are detailed below:

*Family fee and Building levy are per family not per student.

Our fees and levies are charged as follows:

F – 2 Student
Family Fee $640.00
Building Levy $75.00
Student Levy $130.00
Swimming $85.00
Excursion $80.00
Total $1010.00
 3 – 6 Student
Family Fee $640.00
Building Levy $75.00
Student Levy $130.00
Swimming $85.00
Camp $200.00
Excursion $80.00
Total $1210.00

Concessional Fee Policy

St Thomas Aquinas School, together with Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools Ltd, has a concessional fee policy that makes Catholic primary education more affordable. You are able to access the concessional fees if you meet any of the criteria below:

  • Any family of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage.
  • Any family holding an HCC and eligible for CSEF.
  • Any family experiencing severe financial hardship.
  • Any family holding a DVA Gold Card.
  • Any family identified as refugees and holding an ImmiCard.


The Concessional Fee Policy is available here.


Student Levies. Charged per child and cover

  1.  All classroom supplies
  2. Swimming costs
  3. All excursions/ Incursions
  4. Any sacramental costs
  5. Camp cost (Years 3 to 6)

Payment Options

We are open to a variety of payment methods for the above fees and levies:

  • Full payment at any time
  • Pay by the term
  • Direct Debit
  • Centrepay
  • Other arrangements as discussed with Principal