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Social and Emotional Learning

At St Thomas Aquinas School we believe that the best relationships are respectful ones. Through Social and Emotional Learning all students recognise the importance of individuals having awareness of their own emotions and the impact these emotions can have on themselves and others. Behaviours of individuals can affect the emotions of self and others. We endeavour to build up a strong sense of understanding and empathy by encouraging our students to make responsible choices about personal and social behaviour.

Our school is also a partner school in helping educate students on the importance of Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships. We recognise that all students have individual strengths and challenges. Additional support is provided for students whose day to day learning is influenced by the existence of one or more challenges. In implementing Social and Emotional Learning our school strives to build a respectful culture and develop practices to enhance the knowledge of healthy relationships, respect and equality for all individuals of the community.