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Mission Statement

As the Catholic school community of St Thomas Aquinas we are called to:

  • Gather for the celebration of sacrament, prayer and liturgy
  • Nurture the sense of wonder of God’s love through the Gospel stories
  • Build community by forming positive, effective relationships
  • Offer a comprehensive and inclusive curriculum that is evaluated in an ongoing manner in the light of curren theory, practice and policy direction
  • Provide opportunities that enable students to feel safe, challenged and worthwhile
Vision Statement

At St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School, our vision impacts on everything we do, how we treat each other and how we engage in our learning.

At St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School, we aim to empower children in their learning for life and to develop skills necessary to face challenges with hope, faith and resilience.

We journey together as a faith community valuing our Catholic identity.

Children are the heart of our community and we support parents to become actively involved in their children’s learning.

We value opportunities for learning and reflection that challenge us to aspire to individual excellence.

Catholic, Faith Filled

St Thomas Aquinas School is a catholic school in the Parish of Norlane. We are proud of our catholic heritage and traditions. We value our catholic identity by promoting and developing catholic values and traditions through our Religious Education Program. We celebrate liturgies and masses with our Parish Priest Father Ray Zammit and our parish community.

Forward Thinking

At St Thomas Aquinas we are a forward-thinking community we plan for success of all our students.
- We encourage all to be innovative and risk takers in their learning
- We challenge all to do their best or better
- We strive to use Contemporary Teaching and Learning Practices
- We aim for continuous improvement

Learning is Central

Learning is the cornerstone of a bright future for everyone. At St Thomas Aquinas we hope that learning will become a life long journey of discovery for students, families and staff. We foster creativity and imagination through enjoyable but challenging open ended learning experiences. Through collaborative planning, explicit teaching, scaffolded learning and through student choice we strive for high achievement from all our students.

High Performance

We strive for all learners to reach high performance standards by:
- adding value to all students learning
- data informed planning and teaching
- building learning through previous knowledge
- striving for excellence in all that we do

Outward Facing

As an Outward Facing School we aim to create global citizens who are involved in the community. We look to forming effective School – Family/Parish - Community partnerships for the benefit of our students education. No longer is school the focal point of all learning. Learning happens everywhere and within different groups. As an Outward Facing School we look to fully engage our families and the wider community in the learning process. The benefits are not only for the student but are for the families and the community in general.


At St Thomas Aquinas we aim to promote a community of learners by:
- engaging parents and families in their child's education
- children being engaged in the process of learning
- by staff engaged in guiding student learning and developing their own skills
-by engaging all through the use of emerging technologies and by giving them a "voice" in their learning


At St Thomas Aquinas School we support all learners by providing an environment that empowers members of our school to fulfil their potential and to be part of a vibrant community. We use scaffolded learning and structured support to assist the learning of all. We have a shared leadership amongst our staff and encourage collaboration with each other.


At St Thomas Aquinas School we strive to be welcoming. We value the diversity of our community and encourage strong, healthy relationships. We promote ownership by all, students, families and wider community.