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Student Diversity

At St Thomas Aquinas, we understand that all students are diverse and exceptional learners who come from a range of different experiences and environments.  Therefore, it is our role to understand how students learn best and what we can do to further support them at their points of need.

St Thomas Aquinas uses an Intervention Framework Model that follows five components to identify students at their point of need. This is done through careful identification, assessment, analysis and interpretation, effective learning and teaching and evaluation.

St Thomas Aquinas also provides various forms of intervention to enhance students learning such as LLI (Levelled Literacy Intervention), Numeracy Intervention and Oral Language Intervention. Students who would benefit from such intervention are identified through targeted assessment and monitored over a 10-week period. Adjustments are also made within the classroom context to support these learners, these are made in light of NCCD, the Disability Discrimination Act and Disability Standards of Education.

Personalised Learning Plans (PLP’s) are developed for students with clear SMART goals that assists targeted teaching. Program Support Group Meetings (PSGs) are also held at numerous points throughout the school year, these meetings provide wonderful opportunities to share information with parents and teachers with the common goal of supporting student’s development and wellbeing.

St Thomas Aquinas prides itself on differentiating students learning so all children can experience success at school.